Tevez on His Views about the Recent World Cup

Carlos Tevez was a former teammate of Lionel Messi. However, he has stayed away from contacting Messi after his and Argentina’s victory in the World Cup. There was a recent interview that he gave where he talked about this incident.

Carlos Tevez was a former striker with Manchester City and Manchester United. He announced that he was retiring from active games last year. After his retirement, he went into management. His first role was coach of the first team of Rosario Central, the Argentine giants. However, he has left that assignment. He played for Boca Juniors last where he struck the goal about 22 times in 66 games. He then left the club of his boyhood years in 2021.

This brought an end to his playing career which had been spectacular and spanned two decades and more. During that tenure, he scored over 300 goals and played for clubs in Italy, China, England, Brazil, and Argentina. He has netted as many as 13 goals for Argentina.
In a recent interview, he stated that he was not involved emotionally in Argentina’s triumph. He even hinted that he would have preferred that prance would have beaten his nation. He has not yet reached out to congratulate Messi. He admitted that he did not follow the World Cup closely this time. However, he liked the way France's team played. He last played in 2015 for Argentina’s national team.
He also stated that he had not yet congratulated Messi since his phone must be flooded with messages. However, his children did celebrate Messi’s victory. He also admitted that he was enjoying the phase when he was out of the active games. The last world where he played actively was for Boca Juniors. He states that the last assignment exhausted him.