Warnock making a convincing season

Neil Warnock made his return as the coach of Crystal Palace on August 27 as he replaced Tony Pulis and now the English manager is enjoying his 2nd spell in charge of Crystal Palace with the club making a convincing performance and defeating Leicester City which allows Palace on securing a top 10 spot in the Premier League.
Crystal Palace are safely away from the bottom relegation spots of the Premier League and have started to display some improvements in form but Neil Warnock recently said that the absence of Mile Jedinak in January could affect the team’s spirit and performances.
Mile Jedinak is the captain of Crystal Palace who has performed in every single Premier League match so far and helping out his club by scoring 3 goals and providing 1 assist. The 30 year old midfielder will be performing in the Asia Cup as he will be representing Australia starting from January 9th.
“We will miss him. He is the leader of the camp. Everything on and off the field revolves around him. There is the Africa Cup of Nations at about the same time, too, so it will be difficult for a lot of teams in the Premier League in January and February. Mile has been able to push forward more than usual this season, too, and I think he can score more goals.” Neil Warnock told the media as he spoke about the upcoming tournaments that some of his players will be performing in.
Neil Warnock also expressed his confidence in his squad as the English manager went on saying that his team has a good chance in maintaining their current form and staying in the Premier League for another season.
"The players work hard for each other and, when you look at how we play for each other, we've got a good chance of surviving’’ Warnock added on.