Two goals from Carlos Tevez

A brace from Carlos Tevez could not save the Serie A leaders Juventus from ending the game in a draw as they squandered the lead at Verona on Sunday. The equalizer came in late as Luca Toni had earlier pulled one goal back and Argetine Juanito Gomez scored the equalizer in the fourth minute of stoppage time.

This is the fourth time that Juventus has not been able tin a game in their 23 matches which have been played so far in the Serie A and they are still nine points clear of AS Roma who were also held by Lazio in a goalless draw. Gervinho’s goal was disallowed which made the Roma players and the fans angry.

Lazio was substituted by Stefano Mauri half time. This is his first match after his six month ban after he failed to report a match fixing case in 2011. The game was played defensively and there was hardly any attack from both the teams and it was a rather disappointing derby for the fans as well. This is the first time in many years that Stadio Olimpico saw quite a number of empty seats.

Juventus was well on course to win their third successive game but the miserable performance from the defenders saw Juventus to end the game in a draw which they so deservedly should have won. The recent performances of Carlos Tevez have been very impressive and the Juventus manager is quite happy with the teams looking for the first knockout match of the UEFA Champions League.

The pair of Paul Pogba and Carlos Tevez has been decisive so far and this time also the first goal came from an incisive pass from Paul Pogba which Tevez calmly turned into the goal and then in the 21st minute Juventus further increased the lead with a similar type of goal from the penalty area.