Manchester United have said that they have accepted the apology from Manchester City and Carlos Tevez following the sign from the Argentine that showed 'RIP Fergie' during their victory parade in Manchester.

More than 100,000 people gathered in Manchester in order to celebrate Manchester City win their first Premier league title. During the open top bus parade, Carlos Tevez showed a sign that said 'RIP Fergie'.

It has caused an outrage amongst Manchester United supporters, who have never really forgotten the way Carlos Tevez left them to join their archrivals Manchester city a few years ago.

It is thought that Carlos Tevez show the sign in order to mention that Sir Alex Ferguson once said that he will never allow Manchester United to be below City in the table in his lifetime. Due to the fact that City are now ahead of United in the table and that they have also won the title, Carlos Tevez seems to have displayed the same.

However, it has caused an outrage amongst Manchester United and their supporters. Manchester city apologized for the incident, while Carlos Tevez also extended his apologies by saying that he considers Sir Alex Ferguson to be a great man and a great manager. However, he got carried away with the excitement of the moment.

"It looked to me rather silly, more than anything else - an impetuous, silly thing to do. It certainly wasn't very sensible. I think it was a very excitable moment, emotions were running very high. As I understand it, and I stand to be corrected, I think someone passed this thing to Tevez who just sort of put it in the air, so I don't think it's the most serious thing I've ever come across. But I don't know all the facts and I would leave it to the people (at the FA) who will look at it professionally," said the FA chairman David Bernstein.