Former Manchester United and Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has threatened to retire from active football due to frustrations in his second spell at La Bombonera.

The former West Ham player who refused to come back to England as an agreement couldn’t be reached regarding salary, claimed he could hang his boots anytime at the end of the year.

The former Argentina international left Europe after a successful spell with Juventus – doing a double and reaching the Champions League final. He decided to return to his native but has been frustrated in his second year. The 32-year old plays for his boyhood club Boca Juniors.

Tevez feels external factors are affecting his time at Boca Juniors and might force him to end his time at the club sooner than he would want to. He was handed a three match ban recently for dissent at an official. The player, with 76 international games to his belt, has criticized the Football Association for the way fixtures are planned.

“The penalty was given to me by journalists and not the commit. They pushed to give me three matches,” Tevez told Fox Sports.

“If we draw, Boca are in crisis – [River Plate] not so much. They [River Plate] tie and play well, everything is nice. I enjoy football but not everything that surrounds it. In Europe you know what date you will play each team for the first six months. Here, you find out on Monday if you play on Friday. There is a possibility I could quit at the end of the year. I’m thinking about it,” Tevez said.

Tevez remains much admired by the fans of the club, especially after his achievements in European football. The Argentine still has football in him, and might still get a year or two in a top club if he decides to end his Boca Juniors stint.