Tevez to retire from football

Former Manchester United and West Ham striker has stated that he might be considering retirement from football at the end of the year.

The player who is currently playing for Boca Juniors said that he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the way football is played in Argentina and believes that it might be time for him to end his career.

He said that the media heavily influence football in Argentina and that this is affecting his game. Carlos Tevez believes that the three-match ban that he was given this month was because of pressure from the media and not solely the referee’s decision. The former Manchester United striker said that he cannot play under this kind of pressure and that this is affecting his game. He believes that the ban was not merited and that this was imposed by the media that wants him to be put out of the match.

He also criticized the way fixtures are planned in Argentina. He said that in Europe you know at least six months ahead which team you will be playing while this is not the case in Argentina. He said that it is only on Monday that you will find out which team you are going to play on Friday. This prevents the teams from planning ahead and to adapt their tactics according to the opposition.

The former Argentina international said that he is seriously considering retirement and that he is going to take a decision at the end of the year. He believes that it will hard for him to continue in this situation and that it will be better for him to stop playing altogether. He said that it has always been his dream to end his career in Argentina and he is not thinking of playing abroad at the moment.