Carlos Tevez disclose Reason behind Signing with MU

Carlos Tevez has opened up on the reason behind about signing a permanent contract with Manchester United and instead choosing to join arch rivals Manchester City back in 2009.

Tevez played at Old Trafford for three seasons on loan from West Ham. He was immensely successful during this period after winning the league title twice and the Champions League once. However, when the two-year loan from West Ham was about to end, there was a lot of confusion about Tevez’ staying at Old Trafford. Manchester United’s then manager Sir Alex Ferguson insisted that he wanted to retain the forward from Argentina provided that the transfer fee was reasonable.

United agreed to purchase the player outright from all his third-party agreements. The fee was put at £ 25 million for the striker, who was looking like a third choice after Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. United decided not to pay this transfer feewhile City took advantage. This meant that Tevez was regarded as a traitor by the same fans who had celebrated his presence just a few months ago. After joining City, he helped the club win the league title. Tevez says that United went back on their agreement of giving him a permanent contract and this was the reason behind joining City.

"With [Sir Alex] Ferguson nothing happened, it was a normal relationship.I spent two years on loan at United [from third-party owner Media Sports Investment] and Ferguson in the last year told me they would buy the rights for me to stay.We reached the Champions League final in Rome and I had no contract on the table, although I had heard about it for a year.Then I went to City and they complained, but I had no option to sign for Manchester [United] and I was free," said Tevez.