Carlos Tevez signed by Juventus in 10 Million

Carlos Tevez was signed by Juventus for a transfer fee of €10 million, this transfer was completed in January of 2013 as the Argentine forward made a move from Manchester City to Juventus and so far it has been a bargain price as Carlos Tevez helped Juventus in their title winning previous season where the Italian club sealed their 3rd successive Serie A title after scoring 19 league goals.

Tevez is currently one of the top goal-scorers of the Serie A as he managed to score 15 goals in 24 appearances and it doesn’t really come as a surprise to know that the head officials of Juventus are interested in keeping Carlos Tevez for a few more years but the player still remains unsure if he wants to continue playing for Juventus after the end of this season.

The General Director of Juventus, Giuseppe Marotta stated his desire to see Tevez performing with the club on a long term basis as he said: "As for Tevez's individual situation, we have a desire to keep him at the club for many more years."

The contract of Carlos Tevez with Juventus expires in the summer of 2016 and the club wants to keep hold of him beyond the time that was established in the contract but the problem is that there are rumors going on claiming that Tevez is not interested in staying with the Italian club any further than what his contract says as he is thinking about spending the last few years of his career by making a return to the club that Tevez performed in during his youth in Boca Juniors.

MassimilianoAllegri is well aware of what Carlos Tevez wants to do during his last few years of his career and Juventus is not part of the plans of the Argentine forward, as many incentives and bonus elements that Juventus might give to Tevez in order to keep him in the club it could not be enough to maintain him in the team and this is why there already are other players being lined up as replacements that might be signed after Tevez leaves the Italian outfit including Paulo Dybala of Palermo and Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan.