The manager of Manchester City, Roberto Mancini, has said that it is not possible for anyone to change the attitude of Carlos Tevez. According to Mancini, he is an unpredictable character and no one can change him. Mancini said that he doesn’t want to change anyone. He just wants all the players to respect the club.

In the last season, there was a controversy between Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini. After a match against Bayern Munich, Mancini had said that he wanted Tevez to go on the field as a substitute, but, Tevez refused to go. But, Tevez said that Mancini didn’t tell him to go on the field. Mancini had also said that Tevez should be left out of the Manchester City team. After this incident, Sheikh Mansour, the owner of the club, talked with Mancini. After that meeting, Mansour placed the Argentinian footballer on the Garden Leave. He said that the club would pay full salary to Carlos, but, Carlos would not be allowed to enter the practice ground of Manchester City. This created an awkward situation for Carlos Tevez.

In February this year, Carlos publicly said that he is sorry for his behaviour and he should not have behaved like that. He had also said that he wants to play for Manchester City again. Thereafter, he was called back in the team in March. After returning back in the team, Tevez performed well and he was a vital contributor in the Premier League victory of Manchester City.

On being asked about his dispute with the coach last season, Carlos said that he has forgotten what happened last year. He is looking forward to the upcoming season. He is working hard on his game in the training sessions and wants to make some valuable contribution for the team.