Carlos Tevez was not alone in wanting his teammates to play better in order to qualify for the next World Cup, with Lionel Messi also insiting the Bianco-celeste up their game - the team that finished runners-up in the last tournament is now in danger of missing the next World Cup in Russia.

Messi admitted that it has been a disappointing qualifying campaign so far and that the team has not been consistent at all - there had been some good performance here and there, but it is unfortunate that they could not replicate that consistently.

He believes that a change is needed in the team mentality and that they need to fight more on the pitch, telling the press "it is not good to perform well for only one half as a football match is played over a period of 90 minutes".

The Barcelona striker believes that this is the main reason why the team is in danger of elimination, even if the latest odds from bet in play specialist Netbet suggests they will still quailfy comfortably.

Messi admitted the team needs massive improvement if they want to perform at the next World Cup (in the event they qualify), and even went as far as to say that he believes that on current form, the team would be humiliated in Russia!

"It is no good criticizing the coach and staff as at the end of the day it is not them that plays. Argentina team is made up of players who all play in big European clubs and that they are used to play in big tournaments. We should be using their experience to help the national team and make sure we make it to the World Cup in Russia."

Their poor form hasn't been helped by the fact that Brazil have already qualified, becoming the first team to qualify for the Russian World Cup with the hosts - a great achievement for the Brazilians who were humiliated in their last World Cup by Germany.

These are clear signs that Brazilian football is back on track and that they are continuing their progression under coach Tite.

Rather understandably, the Brazilian players say that they are happy with what they have achieved so far and that they will be looking to build on that for the World Cup finals next year. They admitted that it had been a disappointing period for Brazilian football, but gradually things are changing. Indeed it all started with the first victory of Brazilian football at the Olympics, and they have been building on that since then.

Coach Tite admitted that things will be different at the World Cup and that the players will be facing tougher competition against the likes of Germany, England, and France. He said that the players would have to continue to work hard to ensure that they can compete with the best teams in world football.

Tite believes that there are signs that the team is progressing, but they need to continue to play against the top teams to find out whether they are at the level required of them - and there are some friendly games that are already planned in the future that will give them a better understanding of where the team stands.